Why Does My Deeper Pro Keep Disconnecting?

Why does my Deeper pro keep disconnecting? Don't worry, this is normal. It simply means that your mobile device's Wi-Fi connection is now being used for your Deeper sonar and not the internet. If you use an iPhone or iPad, follow these steps: Be sure that your Deeper Sonar is switched on (either connected to a power source or in the water);

How do I update my Deeper Pro Plus?

  • Have the latest version of the FishDeeper App on your phone;
  • Connect your Deeper to a charger;
  • Go to WiFi connections of your smartphone, and connect to the WiFi hotspot of the Deeper;
  • Open the FishDeeper App, which will automatically connect to your Deeper;
  • How do I know when my Deeper Pro is charged?

    How do I make my WIFI connection deeper?

    How do I turn deeper on?

    There's no power button on your Deeper START: it turns on automatically when it is in water or connected to a power source. When it's out of water or not being charged, it switches o to save battery life. Never put your Deeper in water when it is connected with the charger cable!

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    How good is the deeper chirp?

    I am truly impressed with the Deeper CHIRP. It is durable, stands up to the test at -15F and works great at long distance even when the battery is low. I believe Deeper CHIRP is a big step forward in wireless fishing sonar technology. This unit provides everything an angler needs for a day of fishing and then some.

    Which deeper app is best?

    We advise to use the FishDeeper app, as it contains many improvements of connectivity and usability, and will perform much better with the Deeper Sonar. FishDeeper and Deeper Smart Sonar apps can be installed at the same time one the single smartphone, and can be used interchangeably.

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  • How do you charge deeper start?

    For charging please use a standard smartphone or tablet charger or connect the cable to your personal computer or the USB outlet of another device (outlets must meet USB standards and have a voltage level of 5V). When you connect your Deeper START to a power source, it automatically turns on.

    How do you use the deeper pro CHIRP?

    What is the deepest fish finder?

    Fish like a pro

  • Just cast out, reel in and create detailed maps live on your smartphone screen.
  • The PRO+ has a casting range of 330ft / 100 m, which is further than any other castable fish finder.
  • The PRO+ scans down to 260 ft / 80 m - that's 100 ft / 30 m deeper than any other wireless fish finder.

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