Where Is Olive Lake Oregon?

Where is Olive lake Oregon? Olive Lake, Oregon

Nestled on the edge of a lake, high in the Blue Mountains of Eastern Oregon, this popular lake and campground is only 8 miles west of the historic Fremont Powerhouse and 12 miles west of the old mining town of Granite.

What fish are in Olive Lake?

Olive Lake

Olive sits at a cool 6,200 feet in elevation and is over 100 feet deep. It offers Redband rainbows to 15 inches, and Brook trout of the same size. An occasional Lahontan cutthroat is also taken. Trolling and bait fishing are both popular methods here.

How big is Olive lake Oregon?

Kayaking, paddleboarding and canoeing are popular pasttimes on Olive Lake. Olive Lake's 160 acres of deep water offer a wide range of boating and fishing opportunties.

Is Lost Lake Open Oregon?


Closed for the season!

Is Anthony Lakes Campground open?

Area Status: Open

Since the campsites are adjacent to the lake, they have easy access to lakeside activities and offer spectacular views of Gunsight Peak and the Elkhorn Mountains. Access for bringing in gear and tents is limited to 'walk-in only' along the lake shore trail. No vehicles are allowed near the campsites.

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Is Phillips Lake Oregon Open?

Season open year-round.

Is Jubilee Lake Oregon open for fishing?

Area Status: Open

This site is known for good fishing and swimming and is a wonderful way to escape the summer heat. Jubilee Lake campground offers a variety of recreational actitivies for visitors of all abilities, including fishing and hiking trails.

Is Penland Lake open?

Area Status: Open

There are seven campsites and two vault toilets on the National Forest portion of the campground, with more campsites located on the adjacent ODFW property. There is also a boat ramp, fishing dock, and benches located on the dam. Picnic tables are available for Day Use on the lakefront as well.

Can you have a campfire at Jubilee Lake?

Jubilee Lake is nestled among the trees and the lake provides a beautiful setting for day-use as well as camping. Jubilee Lake campground offers a variety of recreational actitivies for visitors of all abilities, including fishing and hiking trails.

Are there bears at Lost Lake Oregon?

Lost Lake offers plenty of activities for those seeking some fresh mountain air. It is a popular destination among hikers, campers, canoers, kayakers and anglers alike. The lake and surrounding area are also home to crayfish, otter, beaver, blacktail deer, squirrels, chipmunks, black bear, cougar and bobcat.

Can you swim at Lost Lake Oregon?

With its flat, easy, shorline trail, the area offers great recreation opportunities including hiking, swimming, boating and camping. Sitting at 3200 feet, Lost Lake is an especially great place to cool off on hot summer days.

What is there to do in Anthony Lakes Oregon?

The Anthony Lakes Campground is the largest of the 3 campgrounds in the Anthony Lakes Recreation Area. Located directly adjacent to Anthony Lakes it offers spectacular views of Gunsight Peak and the Elkhorn Mountains. Popular activities include fishing, canoeing, day hiking, photography and just relaxing.

What is there to do in Anthony Lakes?

Pristine and quiet, this beautiful high mountain lake is wonderful in summer for mountain biking, camping, fishing, and picnicking, and excellent hiking through unspoiled mountain wilderness. Only small trolling motors, canoes and rafts are allowed on the lake.

What mountain range is Anthony Lakes in?

Anthony Lakes (ski area)

Anthony Lakes
Location Blue Mountains, Baker County / Union County, Oregon, United States
Nearest major city La Grande 45 mi. - (72 km) north Baker City 35 mi. (56 km) Boise, Idaho 120 mi. - (193 km)
Coordinates 44.9637°N 118.2348°WCoordinates:44.9637°N 118.2348°W
Vertical 900 ft - (274 m)

Can you swim in Phillips Lake Oregon?

Although visitors are often seen wading and swimming in lakes, streams and rivers on the Forest, the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest only has one designated swimming area at Phillips Lake. Be careful around forest lakes, streams and rivers.

What kind of fish are in Phillips Reservoir Oregon?

Phillips Reservoir provides good fishing for rainbow trout and yellow perch from mid-April through July and again in the fall as the water cools, according to Tim Bailey, district fish biologist for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Are campfires allowed at Union Creek Campground?

This picturesque campground in the midst of old growth forest cradles Union Creek as well as the intersection of Union Creek and the Rogue River.

Union Creek Campground.

Number of Campsites 73
Drinking Water Yes
Toilets Single Vaults
Camp host on Site Yes
Fires Allowed Yes

Can you swim in Jubilee Lake?

Jubilee Lake in Daylesford, Victoria is a popular spot for swimming, fishing, birdwatching, bushwalking, and picnicking. You can also enjoy a scenic 30 minute circuit walk around the lake, and be sure to stop and sample the water at the mineral spring tap.

What kind of fish are in Jubilee Lake?

Jubilee Lake is near Walla Walla. The most popular species caught here are Rainbow trout and Skamania trout.

Is Bennington lake open for fishing?

Located about two miles east of Walla Walla, and formerly known as Mill Creek Reservoir, this 50+ acre body of water has a year-round open fishing season. Bennington Lake offers good bank access and a boat launch, however, internal combustion engines are prohibited.

Is the Umatilla Forest Open?

Umatilla National Forest lands temporarily closed

(July 16, 2021) — With persistent extreme hot and dry conditions, active large wildfires, limited firefighting resources and concern for public safety, forest officials have temporarily closed the entirety of the Umatilla National Forest effective immediately.

Can you have campfires in Umatilla National Forest?

However, fire danger within the Umatilla National Forest is still extreme, and campfires are strictly prohibited. Except for motor vehicles, no internal combustion engines, including chainsaws, are allowed.

Where is Jubilee Lake located?

Jubilee Lake is a 92.33-acre (37.36 ha) man-made lake in the Umatilla National Forest in the northern corner of Union County in the U.S. state of Oregon. It is located 19 miles (31 km) north of Elgin and about 11 miles (18 km) south of the Washington border, at an elevation of 4,761 feet (1,451 m).

Are there bathrooms at Lost Lake?

Accessible trails, vault toilets, showers and fishing access.

Is Lost Lake crowded?

About 45 minutes from Hood River, Lost Lake sits to the northwest of Mount Hood. If you have a four-wheel drive vehicle one can combine the trip to Lost Lake with a drive down Lolo Pass Road to Zigzag. One thing to note is that this place is becoming more and more popular so weekends in summer can be very crowded.

Is there cell service at Lost Lake Oregon?

There is NO cell phone service or wifi.

Is Timothy Lake safe to swim in?

Swimming in Timothy Lake

On a warm July or August day, the water is perfect and the semi-rocky beaches are great for laying out on. Some of the best swimming in the lake can be found near the day-use areas of Gone Creek Campground and Hoodview Campground and if the weather cooperates you will get excellent views of Mt.

Is Burnt Lake Trail open?

Area Status: Open

The Burnt Lake North Trailhead leads to the Burnt Lake Trail in the Mt. Hood Wilderness Area. You may continue up to Zigzag Mountain with views above treeline. The Burnt Lake Trail also has wonderful old cedar snags showing remnants of a wildfire that came through around 1900.

Who owns Lost Lake?

Jason Lajeunesse is now sole owner of Comet Tavern, 24-hour diner Lost Lake Cafe, and management company Guild Seattle, according to a release from the company.

Who owns Lost Lake Oregon?

During the fall and early spring, new owners Jason Taylor and Derek DeBorde have focused on making renovations to the resort and campground to improve the experience of guests. Both have roots in the area (the resort is about 25 miles southwest of Hood River) and grew up camping with their families at Lost Lake.

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