What Size Is The Label On A Vinyl Record?

What size is the label on a vinyl record? For 12” vinyl GZ offers standard label (diameter 100 mm) and label for picture disc (diameter 292mm). For 10” vinyl GZ offers standard label (diameter 100 mm) and label for picture disc (diameter 242mm). For 7” vinyl GZ offers standard label (diameter 84 mm) and label for picture disc (diameter 168 mm).

What is the sticker on a vinyl record called?

Labels: The paper circle in the middle of a pressed record. Sometimes referred to as a “sticker”, a record label is actually not adhered to the face of the disc after pressing – it is an integral part of the pressing process, and serves to cool the middle of the record while it is being pressed.

What size is an album label?

The size of the typical cardboard LP sleeve cover is 12.375 in (31.43 cm) square. Starting in the mid-1990s, the compact disc (CD) was the most common form of physically-distributed music products.

Can you make a vinyl record yourself?

If you are a singer or a musician, you can record a song and have it directly recorded onto the disc at home.

How big is a 12 inch record label?

Basic labels are produced in the following sizes: a) For 7“ records (17,5 cm) diameter ∅ 84 mm. b) For 10“ and 12“ records (30 cm a 25 cm) diameter ∅ 100 mm.

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How big is a 45 record label?

Vinyl records are divided into different categories of size and revolution speed. Initially there were long-playing (LP) records with a 25 cm (10") or 30 cm (12") diameter and a speed of 33 revolutions per minute, and SP and EP records with a 17 cm (7") diameter and a 45 rpm speed.

What is a vinyl puck?

Record pucks use weight to secure a playing vinyl record against the turntable platter. By holding the two together, the sound performance of the turntable will improve, in timing and depth of sound.

What is hype in a vinyl?

The hype sticker sometimes comes plastered on the outside shrink wrap of a new vinyl Lp, or even CD for that matter, and usually promotes the latest single release from the album or highlights songs on the album that aren't listed on the cover.

What is a hype sticker?

How big is a 7 record label?

White is the standard label colour that we print your artwork onto. The standard hole for a 12″, 10″ or small hole 7″ record is 1/4 inch.

How do I ship a vinyl record?

  • Remove vinyl from its jacket.
  • Carefully dust using a cleaning machine or your normal vinyl brush.
  • Put the records into protective plastic sleeves.
  • Place the sleeves in new cardboard record mailers.
  • Insert package stiffeners or fillers, including bubble wrap and cardboard.

  • How big is a 7 record sleeve?

    Made for 7-inch (18 cm) vinyl discs, Citadel Collectibles record sleeves will keep your singles and EPs in pristine condition for years to come.

    Package Dimensions 7.83 x 7.68 x 0.51 inches
    Customer Reviews 4.7 out of 5 stars 30 ratings 4.7 out of 5 stars
    Best Sellers Rank #613 in DVD Cases

    How do you make your own record label?

  • Create a Record Label Business Plan.
  • Choose Your Record Label's Business Structure.
  • Determine Your Business Costs.
  • Create a Unique Name for Your Record Label.
  • Register Your Business and Open Financial Accounts.
  • Purchase Equipment for Your Record Label.
  • Market Your Record Label.

  • How much does it cost to make your own vinyl record?

    Rates usually depend on the length of the record per side. This can range from $150 – $230 per side ($300 – $460 per record) with the average being around $200 per side ($400 per record). We looked around at a few different pressing plants to get a ballpark figure of what a vinyl run costs. A standard 500 pc.

    How long is a 12 inch vinyl?

    If you exceed the maximum time suggested for a record side, it can affect the quality of the audio.

    12" 45 rpm 12 minutes
    12" 33 rpm 17 minutes
    10" 45 rpm 7 minutes
    10" 33 rpm 11 minutes

    What is the difference between 7 and 12 vinyl?

    This record type is commonly used in disco and dance music genres, where DJs use them to play in clubs. They are played at either 331⁄3 or 45 rpm . The conventional 7‐inch single usually holds three or four minutes of music at full volume. The 12‐inch LP sacrifices volume for extended playing time.

    What is the biggest selling 12 inch single of all time?

    On March 7th, 1983, New Order pioneered dance music with the release of the best selling 12 inch single of all time—Blue Monday, whose initial run sold over 700,000 copies. The song (now used to name the depressing 3rd Monday of January) is perhaps the most acclaimed and even influential synth-pop track of all time.

    What means EP album?

    EP commonly stands for extended play, a musical recording which is popularly understood as shorter than a full album (about four to seven tracks).

    Why is 180g vinyl better?

    180 gram vinyl records are stronger and more durable, so they tend to last longer and resist breakage. Because they are stronger, 180 gram vinyl records also resist warping better than records of conventional weight. (Warped, or bent, records can distort the music pressed upon them and cause the stylus to jump/skip.)

    How long is a 7-inch record?

    7" Records (often referred to as 45's) can be cut at 45 RPM or 33 1/3 RPM. When cut at 33 1/3 you can hold approximately 6:00 minutes per side. When cut at 45 you can hold approximately 4:30 minutes per side.

    What is a 33 vinyl record?

    Speed and Diameter

    Vinyl records come in three speeds: 33 1/3 rpm (often just called a “33”), 45 rpm and 78 rpm. The “rpm” is an abbreviation for “revolutions per minute” — an indication of how fast the record is meant to spin on the turntable.

    What is the middle of a 45 record called?

    A 45 rpm adapter (also 45 rpm record insert, 45 rpm spindle adapter, 7-inch adapter or spider, the common size of 45 RPM records) is a small plastic or metal insert that goes in the middle of a 45-rpm record so it can be played on the standard size spindle of a turntable.

    What is OG vinyl?

    An original pressing typically refers to a vinyl record that was made from the initial batch of lacquers in the production process and cut from the original master recordings. As they are the first records to be pressed, many consider these to be the definitive edition and best sounding records.

    What is the edge of a record called?

    The very earliest 12″ microgroove Blue Note LPs (1956/7) were pressed without the slightly raised profile to the edge of the central label area – called a “groove guard” – which is found on all later pressings. The first pressings of BNLP 1500-1557 all have a flat profile, and none after.

    Can you put stickers on vinyl records?

    You can use any type of stickers when marking vinyl records – although if you want to avoid leaving gunk / glue residue on your record, you'll want to use a less adhesive sticky marker, like painter's tape. Important Note: The second tip is a good way to permanently scratch your vinyl records.

    How do I remove hype stickers?

    How do you remove stickers from shrink wrap?

    To remove sticker residue from shrinkwrap, use mineral spirits painter thinner found in any hardware store. To remove a paper sticker, use a dampened with water paper towel and gently rub off paper until sticker residue appears and then use the mineral spirits.

    How do you preserve vinyl stickers?

  • Wash graphics regularly by hand with a sponge and mild detergent. Rinse debris off first with a spray of water.
  • Apply a silicone or Teflon-based polish designed for vehicle graphics to add a layer of protection.
  • Store the vehicle indoors whenever possible.

  • How do you open a vinyl shrink wrap?

    How do you open a vinyl record?

    What are vinyl record labels made of?

    Vinyl records are made with polyvinyl chloride, commonly known as PVC.

    How do I figure out shipping costs?

  • Navigate to the USPS Postage Price Calculator page.
  • Enter the details of your letter or package.
  • Select the shipment type.
  • Compare shipping options.
  • Add Extra Services.
  • Hit “Continue” for your result.
  • Pay for shipping and print postage for your shipment.

  • How do I ship a record collection?

    Shipping boxes for vinyl records

    Use bubble wrap, Styrofoam or newspaper to pack the records so that they do not move. The records needs to be stored upright (not like pancakes). Make sure to tape the boxes using duct tape and label them.

    How can I ship vinyl records cheap?

    How big are album covers pixels?

    Dimensions / Pixel Size: At least 1600 x 1600 pixels, but 3000 x 3000 pixels is recommended. Size in Inches: 3000 x 3000 pixels at 300 dpi (which is 10 x 10 inches) is recommended. Resolution: at least 72 dpi, but 300 dpi is required for Amazon on Demand physical CD covers. Format: JPG, PNG, or GIF.

    Do records fit in milk crates?

    A staple of simple record storage is the old milk crate. You can probably picture a hip-hop DJ hauling his goods around in one of these, and understandably so: milk crates hold records almost perfectly, they have handles, and you can fit 40-50 albums per crate.

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