What Do RockShox Volume Spacers Do?

What do RockShox volume spacers do? Volume spacers are designed to make the air chamber smaller. This makes the fork ramp up more quickly making it less likely to bottom out. With the fork setup to the correct sag, and you are still finding that you are bottoming out too easily or too frequently, you could benefit from adding a spacer or two.

How do I add volume spacers to RockShox?

Do volume spacers affect sag?

In a few words, if you're bottoming out frequently, but your sag is correctly set, add a volume spacer to reduce air chamber volume and increase the rate of progression in your suspension. Reducing volume makes your suspension firmer sooner in the travel, increasing the spring rate in the mid and end-stroke.

Is the RockShox Reba RL good?

The RockShox Reba RL is one of the lightest forks in our trail fork test, and it feels like it. Its steering, stiffness, and precision are adequate, but certainly not as precise and crisp as many of the other 29'er forks we tested.

What does small bump compliance mean?

Poor small bump compliance causes a bike to skip across the trail. This leads to inefficient and somewhat unpredictable cornering as well as braking. Small bump compliance issues can be from product design, over compressed suspension circuits, oil flow, fitment and more.

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How do you fit volume spacers?

How do I add volume spacers to rockshox Super Deluxe?

  • Removed all the air from the shock. Don't forget this step!
  • Unscrew the air can. A strap wrench might be required.
  • Pop in volume spacers at the top of the air chamber behind the big metal washer.
  • Screw back on the air car.
  • Inflate the shock.

  • How do you use Fox spacer volumes?

    How many volume spacers does Fox 34 have?

    FOX 34. From FOX's tuning guide: 160mm travel: 1 spacers installed from factory. 4 spacers maximum.

    What do negative volume spacers do?

    Adding bands to the top of the chamber (positive side) will make it firmer towards the end of the travel, but adding them to the bottom (negative) part will make it firmer in the beginning of the travel. This will allow you to use more travel and should make the suspension less harsh in some situations.

    How do you service RockShox Reba?

    How can I improve my small bump compliance?

    In short, if you want true small bump compliance to be better, you have to crack open the damper and start moving shims.

    What do volume tokens do?

    What Do the Tokens Do? Tokens reduce the volume of air inside your fork. This links to the important concept that the increase in spring rate (the progressiveness of the air spring) relates to the reduction in its volume as it compresses, in relationship to its total volume.

    Do bottomless tokens reduce travel?

    Those tokens reduce the volume of the air spring, they do not reduce travel. The piston does not ever contact the token.

    Do I need fork spacers?

    “Adding a spacer will decrease the air volume, so the air spring will build more pressure at bottom out. This is good for riders that are bottoming prematurely or need more bottom out support. And vice versa, removing a spacer will allow the fork to achieve full travel easier.”

    How do you remove rockshox spacers?

    How do I choose a spacer for my headset?

    When choosing headset spacers the most important thing is to match the size to the diameter of the fork steerer tube. The most common steerer diameters are 1”,1 1/8”, 1.5” and tapered.

    What is a Gnar dog token?

    The Gnar Dog is Rockshox's new air volume reducer token for the Deluxe and Super Deluxe air shocks. It is equal to 2.5 of the standard bottomless tokens.

    How do you adjust a RockShox Deluxe?

    How do I add tokens to RockShox Lyrik?

    How do spacer devices work?

    Spacers are empty tubes that are usually made from plastic. They slot onto the mouthpiece of your inhaler on one end, and you use a mouthpiece or mask on the spacer at the other end. They help you get the best from your asthma medicine if you use a metered dose inhaler (MDI).

    How many volume spacers does x2 have?

    FLOAT X2 Air Spring Volume Spacers each have a volume of 0.25in³ (PN: 233-00-233).

    Step 4.

    Shock Travel Max Allowed Volume Spacers (Pair of 233-00-240)
    57.5mm, 60mm, and 62.5mm Stroke 5
    65mm Stroke 3 (equivalent to 4 spacers including the volume of the Spacer Limiter)
    70mm Stroke 7
    75mm Stroke 5

    How do I add volume spacer to Fox 36?

    How many volume spacers does Fox 36 come with?

    New 2015-2017 36 FLOAT forks come from the factory with one blue 7.6cc spacer installed. To make it easier to achieve full travel, you can remove the existing spacer to lower your compression ratio.

    How many volume spacers does Fox 32 have?

    Use up to four spacers to dial in your forks tune. Size: 8cc. Model: For use with Fox 32 float forks.

    How many volume spacers does Fox 36 have?

    The progressiveness of the FLOAT air spring curve can be adjusted via air volume spacers, allowing riders to fine-tune the feel of the air spring. Use up to four spacers to dial in your forks tune.

    Should I use bottomless tokens?

    A more aggressive rider will want to add Bottomless Tokens to prevent bottom-out, but less aggressive riders may want to remove Bottomless Tokens for a more linear feel and to benefit from more of the fork's travel.

    What do tokens do RockShox?

    RockShox forks offer the ability to adjust how much the air spring ramps up using red colored volume spacers known as Bottomless Tokens. These Tokens add bottom out support and alter the ride height, which can be great for aggressive riders.

    How do I set my RockShox rebound?

    For recommended rebound settings go to www.rockshox.com/app. After setting sag, adjust the rebound damper, go for a ride, and adjust again as preferred. To decrease rebound speed (slower return), turn the rebound adjuster clockwise. To increase rebound speed (faster return), turn the rebound adjuster counter-clockwise.

    Are strut spacers safe?

    A word of caution though - When strut spacer kits are fitted above the top mount assembly it can create over-extended down-travel (droop). This over-extension can cause ball joint, CV joint and/or component damage.

    How can I make my MTB suspension more plush?

    What do tokens do in a MTB fork?

    If you blow through your fork's travel too quickly or find yourself bottoming out too often even with correct sag, you should consider using these tokens. Adding bottomless tokens change the spring curve to make your fork more progressive. This means it will ramp up quicker and require more force to bottom out.

    What is a shock token?

    Tokens and bands are basically the same thing in forks or rear shock. The suspension is using air springs. the Tokens and bands are used to reduce the volume inside the air chamber. This change of size is used to effect the way the air pressure increases in the air chamber.

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