Is There A Ferry From Port Angeles To Vancouver Island?

Is there a ferry from Port Angeles to Vancouver Island? Black Ball Ferry Line operates the M.V. Coho year-round passenger and vehicle ferry linking Victoria, B.C. on Vancouver Island with Port Angeles, WA on the scenic Olympic Peninsula.

Is the Black Ball ferry operating?

Black Ball has kept the ship fully operational, with the crew taking her out to sea once every six weeks. Ryan Malone, the company's vice-president of marketing, said there's typically a big response when people see the vessel in the water.

How long is the Black Ball ferry ride from Victoria to Port Angeles?

It is the most direct ferry crossing between Victoria and the United States, with daily, year-round service provided. The 90-minute, 22.59 nautical mile (42 km) trip is a scenic journey through the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

Will the Black Ball ferry reopen?

SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: We will be back in service November 8, 2021! Thank you for all your support over the past year and a half while we've been closed.

Do you need a passport from Port Angeles to Victoria BC?

Yes. It is considered international travel.

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Where do you catch the ferry to Victoria BC?

BC Ferries offers 90 minute sailings to Victoria's Swartz Bay terminal from the Tsawwassen terminal, approximately 45 minutes south of downtown Vancouver. Ferries run at least every two hours (at the top of the hour), increasing to hourly during peak season.

How much is the ferry to Victoria with a car?

Cost for adult passenger only: $17.20. Cost for Car & Driver: $74.70.

Is the ferry from Seattle to Victoria operating?

Yes, there is a direct ferry departing from Seattle Clipper Terminal and arriving at Victoria Clipper Terminal. Services depart once daily, and operate every day. The journey takes approximately 2h 45m.

How do I get from Victoria to Port Angeles?

The fastest way to get from Port Angeles to Victoria, BC is to car ferry which takes 1h 39m and costs $19 - $70. Is there a direct ferry between Port Angeles and Victoria, BC? Yes, there is a direct ferry departing from Port Angeles and arriving at Victoria. Services depart twice daily, and operate every day.

Who owns the Black Ball Ferry?

In 2012, he and four business partners purchased the MV COHO and the company, now named Black Ball Ferry Line. Today, co-owners Ryan Burles, David Booth, Rian Anderson and Ryan Malane also manage the daily operations of the company.

How many cars can the Black Ball Ferry hold?

received a new operational name “Black Ball Ferry Line.” Our ship, the M.V. Coho is 341.6 feet long, has a breadth of 72 feet, a draft of 12.6 feet, twin 8-foot stainless propellers and twin rudders. She has a vehicle clearance of 14 feet, and a carrying capacity of 110 vehicles and 1,000 passengers.

What happened to the Kalakala ferry?

Motor Vessel Kalakala (pronounced /kəˈlɑːkəˌlɑː/) was a ferry that operated on Puget Sound from 1935 until her retirement in 1967.

MV Kalakala.

Launched 1935
In service 1935
Out of service 1967
Fate Scrapped in February, 2015

Is the Victoria Clipper running?

SEATTLE — The FRS Clipper announced that it is suspending fast ferry service between Seattle and Victoria, B.C. until spring 2022. The decision was made to due to low ridership, the company said. Service resumed in September after a 17-month break due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Is the Clipper ferry running?

Our fast ferry service is currently suspended until Spring 2022. Please check back for updates, thank you. IMPORTANT! For guests traveling to Canada, please review our ID and Requirements carefully before booking travel.

Do I need to reserve ferry from Vancouver to Victoria?

Do I need to reserve the ferries and if not what time should I turn up? You don't have to reserve. Reservations are really for people on a tight schedule who can't afford the waiting time.

Are the ferries running from Victoria to Vancouver?

The Vancouver Victoria ferry route connects Canada with Vancouver Island. Currently there is just the 1 ferry company operating this ferry service, V2V Vacations. The crossing operates up to 7 times each week with sailing durations from around 3 hours 30 minutes.

How long is ferry ride from Tsawwassen to Victoria?


Additional information: VANCOUVER - VICTORIA (TSAWWASSEN-SWARTZ BAY) has 2 stations and the total trip duration for this route is approximately 95 minutes.

Do you pay both ways on BC Ferries?

If you drive right through from HB to PR, you get two ferries on one fare. You pay your fare at Horseshoe Bay, you ride that ferry to Langdale and the one at Earls Cove - Saltery Bay on one fare.

Do I need to reserve ferry to Victoria?

Booking in advance secures a spot for your vehicle on board your preferred sailing. Without a booking, vehicles are loaded in order of arrival at the terminal on the next available sailing. This may result in wait times at the departure terminal, especially during popular sailing times.

How much is the ferry from Port Hardy to Prince Rupert?

The cost for a regular car is $469 in peak summer, plus $206 for each passenger (including the driver). This was a very early start—I needed to be at the dock in Prince Rupert at 5:30 am for a 7:30 departure.

How do I get from Seattle to Victoria without a car?

  • Located in the heart of downtown Seattle, Clipper's Pier 69 terminal is the perfect gateway to a car-free adventure.
  • Skip the airport lines and driving by hopping aboard the Victoria Clipper ferry for a quick and easy cruise to Victoria.

  • Can you take a boat from Seattle to Vancouver?

    Ferry. It is possible to travel by ferry from Seattle to Vancouver if you've got time to explore Victoria and Vancouver Island. The ride, which leaves several times a day, only takes about 90-minutes and costs $12-44, but once you dock a t the ferry terminal, it's another hour on public transit to downtown Vancouver.

    Can you drive from Seattle to Victoria Island?

    You can drive up the I-5 from Seattle, with all the congestion that that will involve plus the wait at the border which may be 15 min or 2 hours. Then take the BC Ferry from Tsawwassen ferry terminal to Swartz Bay ferry terminal, a very scenic ride for 1.5 hours and finally a 40 min drive down to Victoria.

    Is there a ferry from Washington State to Vancouver Island?

    Washington State Ferries operates only one international scheduled ferry service, between Anacortes in Washington State and Sidney on the Saanich Peninsula of Vancouver Island. The scenic ferry route winds through the San Juan Islands (Lopez and Orca Islands) amidst spectacular scenery.

    Who owns the Coho ferry?

    Black Ball Transport
    Owner Black Ball Transport
    Operator Black Ball Ferry Line
    Port of registry Seattle, Washington, USA
    Builder Puget Sound Bridge & Dry Dock

    How long is the ferry ride from Port Angeles to Seattle?

    The journey takes approximately 3h 15m. How far is it from Port Angeles to Seattle? The distance between Port Angeles and Seattle is 62 miles.

    When did the Port Townsend ferry begin operation?

    On February 21, 1979, ferry service between Port Townsend, located on the northeast point of the Olympic Peninsula at the entrance to Puget Sound, and Edmonds, located in southern Snohomish County north of Seattle, resumes after a 40-year absence.

    Can I take my car to Victoria?

    As Victoria is on an island, the only way to visit in your car is via one of the ferries … either a BC Ferry from the mainland (Vancouver) or a ferry from the U.S.A – either Port Angeles, WA, Anacortes, WA, or Seattle, WA. There is NO bridge or tunnel!

    How much is the ferry from Anacortes to Victoria?

    Anacortes WA - Sidney BC ( Victoria) ferry schedule & Fares

    Driver &Vehicle to 20' Adult Child (6-18)
    53.70 16.00 12.80

    How long is the Anacortes to Friday Harbor ferry?

    The ferry ride from Anacortes to San Juan Island (Friday Harbor) is approximately 1 hour.

    What is the longest ferry ride in Washington state?

    Seattle–Bremerton ferry
    Hyak boarding at Bremerton.
    Waterway Puget Sound
    Carries SR 304
    System length 17 miles (27 km)
    Travel time 60 minutes (2018) 45 minutes (1968)

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