Is Lindy Hop West Coast Swing?

Is Lindy Hop West Coast Swing? West Coast Swing is a style of dance that did evolve out of Dean Collins' smoother style of Lindy Hop, but it's not danced to the same kind of music. It's less of a traditional swing dance and more of a contemporary partnered dance that suits pop, soul, R&B, blues and hip-hop.

What's the difference between Lindy Hop and swing?

A. Swing is a style of music, first popular in the Big Band era. The dance that developed to swing music in the Big Band era in the US was called lindy hop. Lindy hoppers were often also described as Jitterbuggers due to their look when dancing fast.

What is the difference between swing and West Coast swing?

The West Coast version of Swing has many of the same turns and wraps but with one, monumental, difference: Everything moves in a linear fashion. Also referred to as "the slot", West Coast restricts the movement to a straight line for the most part, which enhances the self expression by way of footwork and timing.

Is Lindy Hop east or west coast?

Both East and West Coast swing fall under the category of "swing dance," but you might be surprised to know that swing dance encompasses over 10 different styles, including the Lindy hop, jive, and balboa. East Coast swing is considered to be the more energetic of the two, involving lots of turns and twists.

Did the Jitterbug come before the Lindy Hop?

First, American swing dances were introduced to the United Kingdom before the GIs arrived in the country. Second, swing dance was introduced to the United Kingdom as “Jitterbug,” a derivative of Lindy Hop heavily influenced by European ballroom dance and less authentic than the original Lindy Hop.

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What is the difference between Charleston and Lindy Hop?

Lindy Hop is the dance that followed Charleston historically, so it's no surprise that many Lindy steps are inspired by the Charleston. They are, however, two distinctly different dances. Since Lindy has its roots in Charleston, both dances can often work to the same music. These are Lindy steps inspired by Charleston.

Is the jitterbug swing dancing?

Jitterbug is a term term that used to refer to swing dancing and swing dancers in the 1930's. In recent years, it has been used for a form of East Coast swing that is perfect for fast tempo music. T This form is sometimes called single rhythm East Coast swing.

What are 3 characteristics of the Lindy Hop?

It is solid, low, relaxed and energetic. Just as Swinging Jazz music feels very different from, say, Rockabilly music, Lindy Hop feels very different from other dances, such as WCS, ECS, Jive, and Rock'N'Roll-Jitterbug, especially in posture, partner connection, and musical connection.

Who was the best swing dancer?

In 1935, a dancer named Frankie Manning won a dance competition with a daring feat: He flipped his partner over his back and onto her feet, the Lindy Hop "air step" that would make Manning, honored in today's Google Doodle, arguably the most famous swing dancer of all time.

Which is easier West Coast Swing or East Coast Swing?

What time signature is West Coast Swing?

Time Signature: 4/4 timing.

What's the difference between East Coast and West Coast Swing?

East Coast Swing is more of a rotational dance while West Coast Swing is a slotted dance. When performed socially, both are typically danced in one small area. But in competitions or show dances they can cover the entire dance floor.

How do you do the West Coast Swing Dance?

Is jitterbug East Coast swing?

Steps: The jitterbug basic is similar to the East Coast Swing. It is done in 6 counts, beginning with a rock step and two side steps.

What dance is similar to the jitterbug?

Jive – swing dance styles

Currently, Jive it is one of the five dance genres included in International Latin style competitions. Jive is danced to fast swing music, similar in tempo to East Coast swing and Jitterbug which is between 140 to 175 beats per minute.

Is jitterbug and swing dance the same?

Jitterbug is any form of swing dance, though it is often used as a synonym for the six-count derivative of Lindy Hop called "East Coast Swing". It was also common to use the word to identify a kind of dancer (i.e., a swing dancer). A "jitterbug" might prefer to dance Lindy Hop, Shag, or any of the other swing dances.

Is jitterbug an actual bug?

White dancers picked up the energetic jitterbug from dancers at black venues. The "jitterbug" was a bug sent by the Wicked Witch of the West to waylay the heroes by forcing them to do a jitterbug-style dance.

What's a jitterbug in slang?

noun. a fast jerky American dance, usually to a jazz accompaniment, that was popular in the 1940s. a person who dances the jitterbug. a highly nervous or excitable person.

Is Jive the same as swing?

Jive and swing dancing steps are often used in several dancing competition throughout the world. It is said that jive is the faster form of swing. Jive is popularly known for its heightened kicks and bounce while swing is a combination of street dances with close harmonic connection.

How do you do the Lindy Hop?

What style is Lindy Hop?

It was very popular during the swing era of the late 1930s and early 1940s. Lindy was a fusion of many dances that preceded it or were popular during its development but is mainly based on jazz, tap, breakaway, and Charleston. It is frequently described as a jazz dance and is a member of the swing dance family.

What is the difference between jitterbug and jive?

“Jitterbug” can also just refer to any of the swing dances in general. The final dance to evolve from the swing family was the jive, which is the most structured of the swing dances on the show.

What is the origin of the Jitterbug?

The swing style of the Jitterbug originated in African American dance clubs in Harlem, New York and surrounding areas. On March 26, 1926 the Savoy Ballroom opened its doors in New York, three years after the infamous Cotton Club Jazz Club opened.

Why is it called Lindy Hop?

Lindy Hop is an African American dance, which originates from Harlem, New York City. It is said the name Lindy Hop was inspired by aviator Charles Lindbergh who 'hopped' the Atlantic ocean in 1927. Lindy Hop evolved from different dances, including jazz, tap, breakaway and 1920s Charleston.

How would you describe Lindy Hop?

Who invented the Lindy Hop?

The creator of the Lindy Hop, an American dance that had its heyday in 1920s New York, would have turned 102 today. In honour of Frankie Manning, the dancer and choreographer behind the Lindy Hop, Google has created a Doodle of two people in the midst of the dance, which fuses jazz, tap, breakaway and Charleston.

Is swing dancing fast?

One of the most common types of swing dance is East Coast Swing. East Coast Swing refers to a form of social partner swing dance that mainly uses six-count patterns, although there are some eight-count variations as well. This dance is fast and upbeat and is characterized by its bounce and lilt actions.

Who made the electro swing dance?

Sven Otten
1 Grim Grinning Ghosts - Electro Swing Mix Glenn Gatsby, Ashley Slater 3:03
21 Make Me Believe Jamie Berry, Octavia Rose 3:05

Which big band was responsible for the birth of the swing era in 1935?

It was the only time in American musical history that the popularity of jazz eclipsed all other forms of music. To many, the appearance of Benny Goodman and his Big Band at the Palomar in Los Angeles in August of 1935 was the start of the Swing Era. America was still in the grips of a depression.

What is the time signature of Lindy Hop?

Time Signature: 4/4 timing. Tempo: Between 136-152 BPM for a Triple time swing, between 152-176 BPM for a Double time swing & between 176-192 for a Single time swing, with gusts up to 225 for Lindy Hop, though Lindy Hop can be much slower as well.

What type of dance form is jazz dance?

Jazz dance combines techniques of classical ballet and modern dance with the current forms of popular dance. Jazz also has its own movement vocabulary ranging from the isolation of certain body parts to the movement of the entire body with the accents of musical rhythms.

Is West Coast Swing popular?

West Coast Swing is danced all over the world (excluding Antarctica). It is most popular in the United States, in California and Texas.

What kind of music is danced to for West Coast Swing?

It is traditionally danced to slower, blues-style swing music, but many are dancing West Coast Swing to hip hop, R&B and pop music.

Who started West Coast Swing?

Dance History Resources

Brian Barakauskas is the founder of West Coast Swing Online. A UCWDC hall of fame member (2017) Over the last 20 years Brian had taught people in over 25 countries around the world.

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