Is Garmin Panoptix Livescope Worth The Money?

Is Garmin panoptix Livescope worth the money? Benefits of Garmin Livescope

Probably the biggest benefit and draw to the livescope technology is that you can see under the surface in real time. Unlike old down imaging sonar systems that had a delay, livescope shows you what's happening at that exact moment. It's really quite amazing.

What's the difference between panoptix and Livescope?

Panoptix is the first release of Garmin's new technology. The transducer can be used in "down mode" livevu down or in "front View Mode" by turning the transducer. Livescope also has both Down and Front views but is a newer technology.

How far can Livescope see?

Not only can you see crystal-clear imagery below and around your boat, you can also see at a distance of up to 200' in all three modes — even while your boat is stationary.

How do you fish on the bottom of a LiveScope?

When you are fishing for fish that are hunkering on the bottom, something Walleye often do, you might want to use the Bottom Fill and Trails features. To set these, go to your LiveScope Screen. Then choose Menu > Sonar Setup > Appearance > Bottom Fill or Trails.

How do I change my Livecope view?

  • From the LiveScope screen, select Menu.
  • Select Sonar Setup.
  • Select Installation.
  • Select Orientation.
  • Select Auto.

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    How do you dial in LiveScope?

    How wide is LiveScope beam?

    What I was told, from Garmin for the livescope forward view, for every 10 foot interval, the transducer width is 3.6 feet.

    How do you zoom in LiveScope?

  • From a Panoptix LiveVü or LiveScope 2D sonar view, spread two fingers apart to zoom in on the area.
  • If necessary, tap or drag withing the inset window to view a different area of the full-screen view.
  • If necessary, spread two fingers apart to zoom in.

  • How do I turn off LiveScope transducer?

    All Panoptix transducers including LiveScope keep pinging when you put the MFD in sleep mode. If you want it to stop, you need to use the Disable All Sonar button from the power menu.

    How do I read panoptix Livecope?

    How do I switch from forward view to down view in Livescope?

    Exactly. If its set to auto, the MFD will automatically switch the view from forward to down when you rotate the transducer one click. You can also set it to manual and switch the view without moving the transducer.

    How do you use Livescope in shallow water?

    Is Garmin LiveScope good in shallow water?

    Now, in addition to the existing LiveScope Forward and Down Modes, anglers can use the new Perspective Mode for unprecedented overhead visibility that's perfect for shallow water. “LiveScope combines two game-changing innovations – scanning sonar and live sonar – to deliver the best of both technologies.

    How do I put my Garmin in perspective mode?

    What is Garmin perspective view?

    Does LiveScope replace transducer?

    Garmin LVS32 Transducer Replacement for LiveScope Transom/Trolling Motor Mount. This transducer is part of the Panoptix LiveScope System and requires the GLS 10 sonar black box to function. You get both LiveScope™ Down and LiveScope™ Forward modes in one transducer.

    Is the Garmin Echomap 73sv compatible with LiveScope?

    This chartplotter supports a variety of Garmin transducers (sold separately), including the Panoptix LiveScope™ scanning sonar system, which lets you see all around your boat in real time.

    Does panoptix work in shallow water?

    The Panoptix livescope doesn't work too well in shallow water. It makes it easier to locate and identify cover or structure even in 2' of water. It's also sensitive enough to spot schools of fish or fish that are hanging out around cover like the one in this vid.

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