How Many Caves Are In Maquoketa?

How many caves are in Maquoketa? About 13 caves can be found in the park, some of which can be explored by walking, while others are better suited for serious spelunkers who are used to crawling in tight spaces. In summer months, naturalists conduct a White Nose Syndrome (WNA) Awareness Program for visitors before entering the caves.

What is there to do in Maquoketa Caves State park?

  • Explore. the Caves. Calling all spelunkers!
  • Hike. the Trails. There are over six miles of trails in Maquoketa Caves State Park that weave in and around natural features, leading to overlooks, rock formations, limestone bluffs and caves.
  • Walk Under. the Natural Bridge.
  • Take. a Tour.
  • Watch. Wildlife.
  • Set Up. Camp.
  • How old are the Maquoketa Caves?

    The caves themselves are formed in dolomitic limestone of the Niagaran Series, Silurian System. This places the age of the rock in which the caves are formed at 400 to 430 million years old.

    What county is Maquoketa IA?

    Jackson County

    Jackson County
    Seat Maquoketa
    Largest city Maquoketa
    • Total 650 sq mi (1,700 km2)

    What does the word Maquoketa mean?

    MAQUOKETA is probably the only town in the world that is known by this name. The name was derived from the river which flows just north of the city and means in the Indian language “Bear River”. This stream was known by the Indians as maquaweutaw meaning “there are bears”.

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