Are There Alligators In Little Pee Dee?

Are there alligators in Little Pee Dee? "They're in the water; the Pee Dee River is full of alligators, and Jeffries Creek that runs up through the middle of Florence has alligators in it," said Dennis Matherly. Dennis Matherly is the local wildlife expert in the Pee Dee and has been catching nuisance wildlife for more than 25 years.

Where is the Little Pee Dee in South Carolina?

The Little Pee Dee technically arises near Laurinburg, North Carolina as Gum Swamp, which flows southward, receiving several small tributaries, across the South Carolina border into Red Bluff Lake, near McColl, South Carolina.

Is Selkirk Shores open?

Selkirk Shores beach has opened for the first time in five years! This beach is only open Saturdays and Sundays between 11am and 7pm. The beach is open on the left side of the pier and has a lifeguard on duty. Visitors can also go fishing in the lake and enjoy hiking and biking trails within the park.

Can you swim in the Pee Dee River?

The landing provides a boat ramp, courtesy dock and parking area, and the area is a popular destination for sunning, swimming, and wading in the river.

How long is the Great Pee Dee River?

Great Pee Dee River

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Is the Pee Dee River navigable?

As the Yadkin, the river is dammed to form High Rock and Badin lakes (the latter bordered to the east by Uwharrie National Forest) and, as the Pee Dee, to form Lake Tillery and Blewett Falls Lake. The lower Pee Dee is navigable for about 90 miles (145 km).

How many state parks does SC have?

Whether you're looking for an adventure in the mountains or a relaxing weekend by the sea, our interactive map and filters help you navigate through all 47 South Carolina state parks to find the perfect park that meets all of your desires.

Where does the Pee Dee River start?

What counties does the Little Pee Dee River flow through?

The Little Pee Dee River meanders through Marlboro, Dillon, and Marion counties. This blackwater river is a tributary of the Great Pee Dee River, which starts in the North Carolina mountains and empties into Georgetown's Winyah Bay.

Can you swim at Selkirk Shores State Park?

Although swimming is not permitted at Selkirk Shores State Park, campers may swim free of charge at nearby Sandy Island Beach State Park. Small boats can be launched from the Pine Grove site into the Salmon River, while larger boats can be launched from the Mexico Point Boat Launch on the Little Salmon River.

Why is it called Pee Dee?

The Pee Dee is a region of South Carolina located in the northeastern corner of the state. It lies along the lower watershed of the Pee Dee River, which was named after the Pee Dee Native Tribe, a state-recognized tribe of approximately 200 members.

How old is the Great Pee Dee River?

The Pee Dee are a part of the South Appalachian Mississippian Culture. They were actively built from about 1000 to 1400, leaving some centers for unknown reasons.

What fish are in the Pee Dee River?

Freshwater fishes sought by anglers include various catfish, bass, bream, and shad species, also bowfin, carp, and gar. Saltwater fishes include red drum, black drum, seatrout, mullet, and flounder, as well as shrimp and blue crab.

How many dams are on the Pee Dee River?

About The River

Six large hydroelectric dams punctuate 60 miles of the river in central North Carolina. The river's name changes to the Pee Dee at its confluence with the Uwharrie River just above the Duke Energy Tillery Hydroelectric Project.

Where did the Pee Dee live?

The Pee Dee people, also Pedee and Peedee, are American Indians of the Southeast United States. Historically, their population has been concentrated in the Piedmont of present-day South Carolina.

Is Aiken County in the Midlands?


Which South Carolina state parks have full hookups?

Cooper Black, Huntington Beach, Lake Greenwood, Lee and Myrtle Beach offer some full hookup sites with water, electric and sewer service.

What is the most visited state park in South Carolina?

Hunting Island State Park in Beaufort County is the most popular state park in South Carolina and among the most popular in the United States, attracting 1.2 million visitors per year.

Are South Carolina State Parks free?

Purchase your ALL Park Passport online! The All Park Passport is $99 and provides unlimited entry to all South Carolina state parks for everyone in the pass holder's vehicle. Free admission to the historic Atalaya castle at Huntington Beach State Park (maximum four people per visit)

Are there alligators in Winyah Bay?

Down here in the sucking mud and high humidity are the swarms of mosquitoes and yellow fly, the feral boar, the alligator and turtles and other life which thrive in a soggy land.

Is Winyah Bay freshwater?

The Winyah Bay project office is located in Georgetown. Encompassing 525,000 acres, the Winyah Bay project area contains the state's largest tidal freshwater wetlands, including 146,000 acres of forested wetlands and tidal freshwater marshes.

What is the name of the river that joins the Yadkin River at the point where the Yadkin becomes the Pee Dee River *?

The river then flows into South Carolina near Cheraw, which is at the Fall Line. The entirety of the Yadkin River and the Great Pee Dee River is part of the Yadkin-Pee Dee River Basin.

Yadkin River
Basin features
Progression Yadkin River → Pee Dee River → Atlantic Ocean
River system Yadkin–Pee Dee River Basin

What feeds the Savannah river?

Shortly after flowing out of Clarks Hill, the river runs through a series of shoals. Just above Augusta, river water is partially diverted into the Augusta Canal. Water in the canal, used for power and water supply, feeds back into the Savannah River at various locations.

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