Are There Alligators In Cheraw State Park?

Are there alligators in Cheraw State Park? Today, approximately 100,000 alligators occur in the state of South Carolina. Alligators are typically found south of the fall line (which roughly traverses the state from I-20 in Aiken to Kershaw County, then up U.S. Highway toward Cheraw in Chesterfield County).

Can you swim in Cheraw State Park?

Swimming is permitted in the designated swimming area of Lake Juniper only. For more detailed information, please contact the park directly. How big is Lake Juniper? The lake is 360 acres and is approximately 2.5 miles long.

Does Lake Juniper have alligators?

Although alligators naturally live at beautiful Juniper Springs Recreation Area in Central Florida, there has not been any problems with them in a pool where swimming is allowed. Unexpectedly, Juniper Springs was one of the best experiences in our recent trip to Florida.

How many acres is Cheraw State Park?

7,362 acres

Cheraw State Park
Area 7,362 acres (30 km2)
Created 1934
Camp sites Regular campgrounds, equestrian, and RV sites are available all have access to restrooms and hot water showers. Backcountry camp sites are also available.
Hiking trails 4 miles (6 km)

Can you kayak at Cheraw State Park?

360-acre Lake Juniper and the surrounding cypress wetlands can be explored by canoe and kayak. The park offers canoe, kayak, and SUP rentals. Be sure to check out the Moonlight Canoe Floats happening through the summer and fall for a unique paddling experience!

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What do alligators eat in SC?

Alligators are carnivorous and prey on any animal that is available. Juvenile alligators (less than 4 feet) eat crustaceans, snails, and small fish. Sub-adults (4 to 6 feet) eat fish, crustaceans, small mammals, and birds. Adults (greater than 6 feet) eat fish, mammals, turtles, birds, and other alligators.

Is Cheraw SC Safe?

Cheraw, SC crime analytics

With a crime rate of 85 per one thousand residents, Cheraw has one of the highest crime rates in America compared to all communities of all sizes - from the smallest towns to the very largest cities. One's chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime here is one in 12.

How do you pronounce Cheraw SC?

Cheraw, South Carolina - Cheraw ( chə-RAW, locally shə-RAW) is a town on the Pee Dee River in Chesterfield County South Carolina, United States.

What is the zip code for Cheraw South Carolina?


Can you swim in Juniper Springs?

You can Swim at Juniper Springs

Juniper Springs is a natural, crystal clear pool in the middle of the forest. The swimming area is not very big, but it is deep. Remember, this spring is deep, there are steps into the water as well as a ledge around the entire swimming area.

Are there manatees in Juniper Springs?

There are no manatees in the swimming area at Juniper Springs.

What kind of fish are in Lake Juniper?

See Juniper Lake's WDNR Lake Page for more information on this lake's characteristics.

  • Catfish.
  • Panfish (bluegill, pumpkinseed, sunfish, crappie and yellow perch)
  • Largemouth bass and smallmouth bass.
  • Muskellunge and hybrids.
  • Northern pike.
  • Trout.
  • Walleye, sauger, and hybrids.
  • Bullheads.

  • What is the oldest state park in South Carolina?

    Cheraw State Park
    Park Name Poinsett State Park
    County or Counties Sumter
    Size acres 1,010
    ha 410
    Year Acquired 1934

    What county is Cheraw SC in?


    When was Cheraw SC founded?

    Early 19th century. In 1819, the first steamboat came up river, and along with it a burst of prosperity because of expanded trade. Cheraw was incorporated as a town in 1820.

    What county is Chesterfield South Carolina in?


    Can alligators see on land?

    Alligators have poor eyesight.

    The only place they cannot see is the area right behind them.

    What time of year are alligators most aggressive?

    From April to June alligators become more active and aggressive as they search for the perfect partner to ensure their future survival as a species.

    Can a 3 foot alligator hurt you?

    Small alligators are not a threat to humans and won't attack people under normal circumstances [source: Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission]. Sometimes people think small alligators — say, smaller than 3 feet (0.9 meters) — will make a good pet. Even small alligators have 60 to 80 razor-sharp teeth.

    Does Cheraw SC flood?

    In our area, Cheraw was the most impacted by the body of water. Latest numbers show the river got as high as 46-feet in the town. It starts to flood at 30-feet.

    Is Cheraw SC a nice place to live?

    People in Cheraw are friendly and nice. Most people would help you out if you are in trouble or need help. Cheraw is really affordable to live in and friendly. Going to places like the bigger part of South Carolina sometimes takes you one hour or half an hour to get to your destination.

    How do you say Beaufort SC?

    Beaufort, South Carolina, is pronounced “BEW-fert.” Cassandra King writes for Southern Living, “Contrary to the spelling, it's pronounced "BEW-fert," with the lips pursed as though blowing a kiss.” It's “BEW-fert,” with a similar sound as the one you find in the word “beautiful.”

    How do you pronounce Chapin SC?

    Which state dance is Cheraw?

    The Cheraw or bamboo dance is a traditional dance of Mizoram. It is considered to be one of the oldest dances of Mizoram. The dance is believed to have emerged out of a ritual. In this dance form, bamboos are kept in horizontal or cross formation on the ground.

    What is the zip code for Hartsville South Carolina?

    What is Chesterfield SC ZIP code?


    What is the zip code for Bennettsville South Carolina?


    Can you scuba dive at Juniper Springs?

    Juniper Springs Swimming and Snorkeling

    Juniper Springs isn't like many other swimming springs in Florida because it lacks the deep crevices you can free dive or scuba dive down into. Snorkeling is OK just because the water is so clear and you can see the occasional fish.

    How cold is the water at Juniper Springs?

    Overview/Background. At the heart of the recreation area is its springs. The combined daily water flow from Juniper and Fern Hammock Springs is about 13 million gallons, with water temperatures a constant 72 degrees F. Our 79-unit campground is open for year-round camping.

    Which spring is the best in Florida?

  • Three Sisters Springs, Crystal River.
  • Madison Blue Spring State Park, Lee.
  • Ginnie Springs, High Springs.
  • Homosassa Springs, Homosassa.
  • Weeki Wachee Springs State Park, Weeki Wachee.
  • Rainbow Springs, Dunnellon.
  • Ichetucknee Springs, Fort White.
  • Ponce de Leon Springs, Ponce de Leon.

  • Can you kayak at Juniper Springs?

    Even better, Juniper Springs run is exceptionally beautiful and accessible to kayak or canoe. The water is so clear it looks like you're floating on air at Juniper Springs, Florida.

    Are there alligators in Salt Springs?

    Salt Springs is seated among the Ocala National Forest. The recreation area is home to the Salt Springs, with clear water that is 72°F year round. The springs are full of bass, turtles, and blue crabs. Although alligators inhabit the area, the swimming hole is safe and free from these predators during the day.

    Are dogs allowed at Juniper Springs?

    Sorry, dogs are not allowed at Juniper Springs Resort - Mammoth. Don't feel like you have leave Fido at home though! You'll find information on all of the other pet friendly hotels in Mammoth Lakes here. Or, browse all in Mammoth Lakes if you're still looking.

    Can you fish in Juniper Lake?

    Juniper Lake is not a great lake to fish, as it does not contain any game species.

    Can you fish in Lake DeFuniak?

    Fishing: Allowed from piers, banks of Lake DeFuniak (except in designated, roped-off swimming area), , kayaks canoes, and boats with electric motors (only).

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