Are Deeper Pros Any Good?

Are deeper pros any good? Overall, the Deeper Pro (and other models in the Deeper range) are fantastic if you want lake information fast and easy. Take a look at all the features below, and the video is well worth watching too!

What is the difference between a Deeper Pro and a Deeper Pro Plus?

The only difference between the Deeper Pro and Pro Plus (besides the price) is the mapping function. The Pro Plus boasts an internal GPS receiver which allows you to create bathymetric contour maps, even if you're using it from land.

How far can you cast a Deeper Pro?

Cast your Deeper PRO or PRO+ to the spot you want to scan (up to 100 m / 330 ft away) and reel it back in. As you slowly reel back, you will see underwater scans shown on your smartphone or tablet.

Whats the difference between deeper chirp and CHIRP plus?

Is deeper pro or deeper chirp better?

The CHIRP+ also narrowly beats the Pro+ when mapping deeper water. The narrowest angle beam (high CHIRP) penetrates to depths of 100m compared to the 80m of the Pro+ although it is the better all-round detail CHIRP provides at all depths that will be of most interest to anglers.

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How does the deeper chirp work?

How do you use deeper pro?

Does blue light mean charging?

A blue light means that it is too cold to charge the battery.

What is seafloor bathymetry?

The term bathymetry is defined as the depth of water relative to sea level. Bathymetric maps represent the ocean depth as a function of geographical coordinates in the same way topographic maps represent the altitude of Earth's surface at different geographic points.

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